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Happy New Year Eve 2021 – Why Do We Celebrate New Year’s Eve?

The very 1st thing that you simply just want to understand is what’s New Year Eve? consistent with Gregorian calendar New Year’s Eve, the Judgment Day of the year, is on New Year Eve.

The New Year eve is an integral part of New Year celebrations. this is often generally celebrated at evening social gatherings with friends and family, drinking, having BBQ and lighting especially New Year fireworks to form this moment memorable one.

Everyone wants to experience something new and unique on this eve and to finish this year on some happy note.

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Things to try to on New Year Eve

Happy New Year 2021 Eve

  1. Having a romantic dinner together with your partner at a flowery restaurant could make your New Year’s Eve unforgettable and would be an excellent opportunity to require your relationship to the subsequent level.
  2. By finding a gorgeous spot in your city or simply a rooftop of your apartment you’ll await a countdown and greet Happy New Year by watching amazing fireworks blessing your timeline and have an iconic New Year kiss moment.
  3. You can enjoy New Year’s games on new year’s eve celebrations. And by some superstitions avoiding it could mean loveless year for you and your partner.
  4. Buying tickets for a concert that goes past midnight might be an excellent experience for you.
  5. Some Blockbuster movies are released at the top of the year, so New Year’s Eve is a perfect day to go to the theatre, grab some popcorn and luxuriate in your favorite New Year’s Eve movie.
  6. Spending time together with your family especially kids on this special day would make today definitely memorable.

New Year Eve party, club celebrations with friends

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Various shows are organized for families in amusement parks and other fun zones which really helps in strengthening the bond between you and your kids

  1. If you’re single it’s better to spend your day during a club and dance your sadness away then crying within the room together with your lights off.
  2. For a practicing Christian, many churches have service services where people can pray the divine for the upcoming year and thank god for the blessed outgoing year.
  3. New Year’s Eve might be a perfect day to catch up together with your old friends and buddies. Arranging a celebration for classmates or work friends would cause you to the hero of the night.
  4. If you would like to form your New Year crammed with positive changes and developments then New Year’s Eve is that the best day to chalk up your plans.
  5. Try to reconcile together with your past and appearance forward to something exciting and challenging for yourself.
  6. Or a minimum of you’ll join your city’s New Year parade which though very crowdie but might be an excellent experience.

10 Best Places to go to on the New Year Eve

New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is that the first place where New Year ’s celebrations start which could cause you to among the primary ones to greet New Year.

The best thing about this place is that the two shows one at 9 o’clock and therefore the other one in the dark. So if you’re not won’t to staying late then you’ll turn in by watching the primary show.

Breath-taking Fireworks at Sydney harbor and a background view of harbor-bridge and opera make it quite spectacular view.

New Year’s Eve in New York US

Celebrations at New York’s time square referred to as ball drop on New Year’s Eve isn’t only memorable but legendary.

Approximately 1 million people participate in the celebrations and are broadcasted live by many channels. So if you don’t mind jamming into people NY may be a place for you.

Cities like Vegas and l. a. have also adopted ball drop event by incorporating some local traditions in it.

New Year’s Eve in London

City of famous Big Ben clock is a perfect place for your New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Celebrations became so popular in London that now you’ll need to pay a ticket to enjoy beautiful fireworks at the banks of Thames.

But the free transportation during midnight may be a bonus which could help prevent some pennies.

New Year Eve in Hong Kong

Celebrating New Year’s Eve during a city like Hong Kong is an unforgettable experience. Catching the amazing view of celebrations at Victoria square through one among nearby hotel balconies might be an excellent experience plus the amazing performance of artists, dancers and theatres would be a treat to observe.

New Year’s Eve in Dubai

Dubai has become the busiest tourist destination in recent years and tourists flock to Dubai to celebrate New Year.

You can watch amazing fireworks at the footsteps of 1 of the tallest buildings within the world referred to as Burj Khalifa.

Seeing Burj Khalifa (fireworks at the world’s tallest building) bathing in amazing visual art and expecting countdown might be a dream come true.

New Year Eve in Tokyo

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Tokyo means not just a tremendous fireworks but parties which lasts all night and occurs in Yokohama just across Tokyo bay.

You can also experience New Year’s Eve spiritually by visiting many temples in japan where monk rings the bell 108 times in the dark to purify souls from any worldly means.

New Year’s Eve in Cape Town

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in one of the foremost beautiful cities in South Africa may be a dream for everybody.

Apart from fireworks Countless performances of artists and cultural dances are a treat to observe which is usually free and for everybody .

New Year’s Eve in Venice

If u are willing to spend a romantic time together with your beloved or finding an ideal place for that midnight kiss then Venice may be a place for you.

The city with beautiful alleyways looks more beautiful during the spirit of celebrations. Though you wouldn’t find much to party the city has a lot more to supply than that.

New Year’s Eve in Vancouver

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in freezing cold may be a unique experience and if one enjoys roaming and partying all night in frozen streets of Canada with quite 100,000 than this is often the place.

Vancouver also has two shows at New Year’s Eve, first one for families at 9 o clock and therefore the grand one in the dark .

New Year’s Eve in Bangkok

New Year’s Eve is simply another night in Bangkok because the city is usually partying hard and the remainder of the planet surely can’t compete thereupon.

So if you would like to urge yourself lost or start the New Year morning hung over than the alleys resulting in night clubs and bars of Bangkok are a perfect place for you.


So this was everything that you simply needed to understand about the New Year’s Eve and events that are celebrated all around the world today. We also discussed 10 best places to get on today. Keep visiting our website to enjoy our content and a really Happy New Year 2021!

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